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Skin Rejuvenation

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation

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IPL Skin Rejuvenation.
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) skin rejuvenation is a light-based aesthetic treatment that actively targets and reduces skin irregularities to promote a clearer, younger and healthier complexion.

IPL rejuvenation strategically addresses a number of most common skin concerns, such as acne management, vascular therapy and pigment correction. 

Pigmentation Treatment.

Whether born with them or acquired over the course of a lifetime, virtually everyone has one or more sun spots, freckles or skin discolouration they would love to get rid of! A doctor's letter confirming that no skin cancers are present is usually required before commencing the treatment cycle.

Acne Treatment.

IPL based acne-based management program is designed to specifically slow the overall production of oil that leads to acne, killing the p-bacteria that surrounds the pimple.


The number of treatments vary and depends on the severity of your skin concern. Some may require a single treatment, while others will require ongoing treatments to achieve the best possible result. 

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